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Our friendly and experienced dispatch team is available to assist you

Always On Time

Advance process and procedure allow our drivers to deliver always on time

Best Price Guaranteed

Technology allows us to pass-on the savings guaranteeing best prices

Safety Top Priority

Our extensive orientation and training programs ensure safety is put first

We have
15+ Years Experience

Kooner Transport Group specializes in providing on-time and reliable logistics services across North America. Over the years, our reputation has grown due to our consistency and commitment towards serving our customers.

Why Choose Kooner Transport Group?


Our team of dedicated drivers and experienced staff, along with our latest technology, tracking software and trucks, will provide you with the ultimate hassle-free shipping experience.


We only make commitments which we can deliver. We never take more loads than we can handle. We keep our quality consistent by storing and transporting shipments safely and on time.


We are always trying to become better. Allocating resources towards research and development in technology assures that we always stay ahead and have a competitive edge.

Kooner Transport Group Warehouse

Who We Are

Providing Fast & Reliable Transportion Services Since 2004.

What To Expect

Dedicated & Expedited

For critical and non-critical loads, we offer superior truckload and dedicated services. Clients can pick between single or team drivers

Kooner Transport Group Warehouse

Warehousing & Storage

KTG’s warehouse provides 50,000 square feet space to keep your shipment secure, safe, clean, and temperature-controlled.


Logistics Services

KTG does more than just deliver your load on time. Discover how our logistics services can add value to your business.

In Technology We Trust

Our Proactive Technology

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic routing can add in adjustability and data to inform the paths taken.

Fleet Camera Systems

Allows fleets to stream live video from an outward-facing camera when needed.

Driver Scorecards

Scoring for positive driving behaviors—can be analyzed automatically.

Collision Mitigation

Monitoring for crashes of various kinds and can take emergency action to avoid them.

Electronic Logging

Electronically tracking and recording commercial truck drivers hours of service (HOS).

Trailer Tracking

Trailer tracking technology makes it easier to locate and manage the utilization of these assets.


200 +

Delivered Packages

175 K

Satisfied Clients


Miles Per Year

25 M

Great Service is Our Mission

Our Freight Services

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Use this service to ship an entire truck of products. Shipment will safely and quickly reach the desired destination.

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Use this service to ship less than a full truckload of products. We can adjust your shipment with other deliveries, to accommodate smaller loads at budget-friendly rates

Flatbed Trailer

Use this service to move extra bulky goods and products. This service usually ships heavy equipment or machinery.

Cold Storage

Used to ship goods that need to be temperature or climate-controlled. Whether you need something below freezing, moderately cold or humid, our reefer trucks can protect your products.

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    As a market leader in Transport and Logistics, KTG excels in providing tailored transportation solutions for client-specific needs.

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