Our Process

Our facility provides exclusive features to help serve you better.


We inspect our trucks to prevent vehicles from breaking down on the road.


Our drivers verify the correct load, pick up and drop off address of your shippment.

Transportation Plans

Our transport plan ensures that we are staying up to date on your shipment.

GPS Tracking

Vehicle tracking technology makes it easier to locate and manage your shipments.

Quick Delivery

Our process ensures that the fastest possible route delivers your shipments.

Customer Satisfaction

Every step of our process strives to provide our customers with the most satisfaction.

Services We Provide

Our wide range of services allow any shipment, whether big or small, to deliver in the best and fastest way possible.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Ship your goods using a full truckload.

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Our trucks can accommodate your smaller shipments in an LTL.

Flatbed Trailer

We can ship extra bulky goods and products, using our flatbed trailers.

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Temperature Controlled

We can ship temperature fragile goods with our temperature-controlled trucks.


We can take your shipments and distribute them across North America.


We can keep your shipments clean, safe, secure and temperature controlled.

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KTG Advantage

Our facility provides exclusive features to help serve you better.

  • Advanced Safety System
  • Freight Forwarding & Management
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Distribution And Storage
  • Secure Facility
  • Transport Of Packaged Goods
  • Shipping Agents
  • Third-Party Logistics