About Us

About Us

About Our Fleet

Since 2004, Kooner Transport Group has been providing on-time and reliable logistic services across North America. Over the years, our reputation has grown due to our consistency and commitment towards serving our customers.

15+ Years Of Experience

Large Number Of Trucks and Trailers Make Us Powerful

Facility near Canada - USA Border

Shipments Will Be Transported Safely

Satisfied Customers Across North America

Our Facility Services

Our facility provides access to additional services to optimize your shipments cost and safety.

Warehousing & Storage

Our warehouse provides 20,000 square feet space to keep your shipment secure, safe, clean, and temperature-controlled.


Our warehouse offers custom packaging services, such as shrink-wrapping which protect your shipment during transportation.

Repair Shop

Our on-site truck and trailer repair shop allows us to provide quick and experienced repair services.

Why Choose Us?

We innovate towards the growth of a modern and scaleable trucking industry.

Optimize Fleet Management

We ensure compliance with the law and lower associated risks to provide you with the safest shipments.

Streamline Operations

We eliminate all the unnecessary steps and implement new advanced procedures to maximize efficiency.

GPS Tracking System

Our GPS tracking system informs us of our vehicle location and compliance of best-scheduled routes.

Automated Reporting

Automated reporting makes our process and procedures quicker; in return, allows us to deliver freights faster.


200 +

Delivered Packages

175 K

Satisfied Clients


Miles Per Year

25 M

Our Mission

We understand the risks of late shipments, missed shipments and damaged goods. It can cause a business’s a lot of hassle, loss of revenue and potentially destroy a company’s reputation. Our mission is to provide you with unbeatable transport and logistics services.

Deliver on time to the correct location

Deliver in an original and undamaged condition

Deliver by lowest competitive rate